A Call to Ministry

The people of The Episcopal Church in Colorado seek a new bishop who will lead us in prayer and partner with us in bringing the Good News of God’s love to our neighbors, in our local communities, and around the globe.

The Diocese of Colorado is large, dispersed, and diverse: diverse theologically, politically, liturgically, in ethnicity, geography, and church size. We seek a bishop who will be a teacher, pastor, advocate, and priest for all of us.  

Over the past decade, we have come to value our diversity and treasure our relationships across boundaries that once divided us. We seek a bishop who will honor our differences and listen deeply to our various voices. We seek a bishop who affirms the full inclusion of all Christians in the church’s life and sacraments while respecting, embracing, and keeping a place at the table for those who uphold conservative theology and traditional values.

We celebrate the gifts of the recent past, especially our renewed bonds of friendship and shared vocation, the innovative ministries we have built in our regions, and our expanding commitment to advocacy and social justice.

At the same time, we understand that we have work to do if we are to become the church we envision. We are looking for a visionary leader to guide and empower us as we meet our ongoing challenges. We hope our new bishop will inspire us as we grow: in fostering Latino ministry, in supporting and strengthening our small rural parishes, and in connecting with young people and welcoming their authentic participation in the life of the church.

We are looking for a bishop who has the energy to connect physically and emotionally with our far-flung churches and the self-discipline to maintain hope, strength, and vitality in the face of unceasing demands. We are looking for a bishop who is open to new ideas and skilled in conflict management.

Our deepest desire is to welcome into our midst a person of prayer, with an abiding love of Jesus and a trust in the power of the Holy Spirit; someone who believes, as we do, that God is working within us to do more than we can ask or imagine.  

We invite you to consider this Profile and related materials prayerfully and to examine whether God might be calling you to place your name into consideration, as we discern together the future of The Episcopal Church in Colorado.


The Search Committee
The Episcopal Church in Colorado