From the Bishop Search Committee: Engaged Neutrality

The Bishop Search Committee has completed the task entrusted to us by the Standing Committee earlier this year, and as a body, we offer our enthusiastic and unqualified endorsement of the slate of three nominees. We believe each of these priests is well qualified to serve as Bishop of the Episcopal Church in Colorado.

While our task is complete, we understand that we have an ongoing responsibility: we continue to be bound by the covenants we made with each other, with the candidates, and with you. Central to those covenants was the promise of permanent confidentiality.

We realize that many of you will be eager to learn as much about each of nominees as possible. And it is only natural to seek to gather information and insights from those who know the nominees well—which, of course, would include members of the Bishop Search Committee. While we understand and respect why you might ask us many questions, we hope that you will understand and respect why, given the unique nature of this process and the covenants we have made, we will respectfully decline to answer any of them. We have made a commitment to disclose nothing we learned about the candidates in the course of our work.

Instead, we will invite you to look at all the information that will be provided via the bishop search website and, in particular, to attend the “Walkabouts,” where there will be opportunities to get to know the nominees in person and to hear answers to questions that might be on your hearts and minds.

As for us, if you should ask us any questions, you should expect our answers to be engaged, but neutral. We remain deeply engaged with this process, and unanimous in our discernment that any one of these nominees would make a wonderful bishop for all of us. But we will be entirely neutral—and not very responsive or forthcoming—in what we have to say beyond that. We have agreed as well, that out of respect for the process and for all the nominees, those of us who will be among the voting delegates at the Convention will not disclose for whom we voted.

Exciting times lie ahead for all of us. We hope that as you learn more about each of the nominees you will, as we have, come to appreciate the many gifts each of them brings to their ministries, to those closest to them, and to the communities they serve. Please know that you and your discernment of whom to call as our bishop will be continually in our prayers.


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