Our 5 Regions

The Episcopal Church in Colorado is both large and geographically dispersed. We have found that these five regions offer a helpful way to gather clergy and laypeople on a regular basis for fellowship, formation, mutual support, and encouragement in forums that are larger than a congregation and smaller than a diocese. Regions, and their gatherings, are also ways for clergy and parishes to shift away from a siloed mentality towards interdependence and collaboration. Regions make this all possible.

The diocese comprises five regions – the Northwestern, Southwestern, Sangre de Cristo, High Plains, and Front Range – each of which has a Regional Missioner who reports to the Bishop. These regions encourage and promote ownership, commitment, and partnership in local mission initiatives through the use of regional grants; facilitate the participation of clergy and lay leadership in the councils of the Church (i.e., Annual Convention and General Convention); and strengthen communication between the leadership of the Regions and the Office of the Bishop.

Regions also play a key function in the governance of the diocese through representation on the Standing Committee.


Southwestern Region

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Missioner yet to be named

Northwestern Region

The Reverend Scott Hollenbeck
Rector, St. James, Meeker


High Plains Region

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The Reverend Chris Ditzenberger
Rector, St. Gabriel’s, Cherry Hills Village

Sangre de Cristo Region

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The Reverend Rich Munsell
Retired Priest


Front Range Region

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The Reverend Nancy Malloy
Rector, St. Laurence Episcopal Church